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SRP Wellness Center
SRP Wellness Center



Mission Statement:

"Scottish Rite Park is designed to enrich residents' lives by offering simply elegant senior living. This retirement community strives to exceed the expectations of those we serve through nutrition, fitness, and socialization by continually evolving into an atmosphere of individuality and exceptional customer service. We are dedicated to provide continuing quality care with the utmost compassion giving residents pleasure in calling Scottish Rite Park home."

Wellness Class Descriptions:

Strength Class

Strength classes consist of a variety of seated and standing chair exercises. In these 30 minute classes we work on our flexibility, balance and strength.

Advanced Strength class

consists of more repetitions with less rest time between exercises.

Beginner Strength Class

allows more rest between exercises and less repetitions allowing for lower impact to the muscle groups being worked.  

30 minute duration 5 min. warm up.10 min. seated arm and abdominal exercise (weights are recommended but not required). 10 min. seated/standing lower body/leg exercise. 

5 min. seated cool-down. (Stretching and breathing)

Tai Chi

"T’ai Chi Chuan – meaning “Grand Ultimate Fist” is an internal martial art, and has, for centuries, been a source of health, vitality, and longevity for millions of people in the Far East. T’ai Chi is classified as an aerobic exercise as the movements create cardiovascular benefits. However, unlike most aerobic exercise, T’ai Chi is done slowly and with low impact – but don’t be surprised at the amount of heat your body generates while performing this “gentle” exercise."

This particular Tai Chi Class is a product of Dr.Paul Lam, a world leader in the field of Tai Chi for health improvement. The Director of Wellness, Emily Scott is a certified Tai Chi instructor with the Tai Chi for Arthritis and Fall Prevention method under Dr.Paul Lam's requirements. You can expect to become more in tune with your center of gravity and be more mindful of your daily movements. This is a marvelous addition to our Wellness Program, please come and experience this amazing opportunity at Scottish Rite Park.

Resistance Fitness

This chair class was designed to aid residents in a new kind of fitness that incorporates therapy for muscles and joints that have experienced extra wear and tear. In this class we use resistance bands with foam handles which allows us to do a variety of different exercises to help strengthen muscles and ligaments around injured joints and bones. Anyone can participate in this class as it as preventative benefits as well! Another new accessory that we use in this class compared to other classes is a yoga ball. This ball aids in grip strength as well as hard to reach muscles such as inner thigh and hamstrings. To learn more come join us and enjoy the fun of resistance!

30 minute duration = 5 min. warm-up. 5 min. upper body with band. 5 min. lower body with band. 5 min upper body with yoga ball. 5 min. lower body with yoga ball. 5 min. cool-down.

Cardio Strength & Splash

Our aquatic class is therapeutic to those with body ailments such as arthritis and muscle aches with our water being at a comfortable 90 degrees. This class explores the different movements that we are able to perform in the water that may be difficult on land.

The focus of AQUAmazing! is balance and muscle building, it is a full body rejuvenating experience as well as a wonderful place to find good company.  

30 Minute Duration = 5 min. warm-up. 10 min. upper body. 10 min. lower body.

5 min. cool-down.

SilverGym Yoga

There are different levels of SilverGym yoga that we offer. If you have practiced yoga before you will be more than capable to participate in any of the levels we provide through our Instructor Ofelia Mohr. If you have never practiced yoga, Ofelia advises residents to try the beginners class to get a feel for yoga and then decide what class fits you best! Ofelia is an experienced Instructor and her classes have shown to produce MANY benefits for our residents over the years! 


Increased flexibility, Prevents falls, decreased anxiety and stress, increased sleep at night, decreased inflammation, and many more! Come and join Ofelia in our Art Gallery for YOGA!


This class is held each Tuesday from 2:30 until 3:00 in the Wellness Room.  Residents are led through a series of intentional laughter exercises which have been shown to benefit physical and emotional health.  Led by Sue Flemr with Assistance and laughter from Bill Flemr!



This class is held each Thursday from 2:30 until 3:00 in the Residential Care Facility.  Residents from Independent Living invite residents from Assisted Living and Health Care to join in as they wish while we sing songs from the past and present, as well as seasonal favorites.  Singing in a group has been shown to enhance both physical and emotional health and provide positive social interaction.

 There are currently about 30 regular participants.  Director Sue Flemr,  Accompanists, Cora Hayes and Judy Olsen.